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What New Lighting Set Up is Perfect for Talking Portraits?

Hybridographers is a term we like to play with when thinking of the future of Photography in our downtown Chicago studio.  We are excited to provide our clients with great images and also Talking Portraits.  We have been stepping up to the plate to create new solutions for our Hybrid Photography and we want to […]

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My first gear video review ever- the Panasonic Leica 42.5mm F1.2 Lens for m43: Nikola Danaylov

My name is Nikola (aka Socrates) and this is my lens review of the Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42.5mm F1.2 Lens. Before we begin let me just tell you that I am not a professional photographer or videographer and this will not be a scientific review with resolution tests and charts. No. This will be a […]

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Q: How do you dial in the color on LED panels for portraits?

We’re doing well with the long-term testing on the Cool Lux brand of LED 1×1 panels and have recently switched over to them in our studio with very good results. When we initially tested them, they showed no color troubles using a color meter but when we put them into daily use we noticed a […]

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6.5 Tips on How to Sell eCardPRO and other eProducts

 Will Crockett has blazed the trail of how to start selling eProducts and how to set up your studio to create great lighting and audio.   We have explored camera makers and what the latest mirrorless cameras have to offer to provide the best solution to not only great quality but the ability to be profitable […]

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What is Hybrid Photography and Why Should a Photographer Learn New Skill?

We live in a world of change and technology drives our need to keep up with the latest trends. It’s important because the people who are our clients already are using these new technologies to communicate with their family, friends, and business clients. We agree the quality of an amateur’s work can be improved upon […]

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eProducts, eTemplates…What’s the Difference?

This is a great question that I get asked all of the time. What is the difference between an eProduct and an eTemplate? Sounds a bit confusing, right? Well, an eProduct is an electronic product that we use to show, and share, and even sell to potential customers. An eProduct is made so that looks […]

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First Studio Portrait Shoot with LED Only

Yesterday was a big day.  I made it thru two portrait shoots in the studio using no flash and lit the entire job using LED Only. Here’s the latest on shooting hybrid with LED in the studio. The lights used were the Quantum Omicron ringlight for the bold “shadowless” look you see, then I used […]

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Real Life REVIEW: Rechargeable Batteries That WORK for Photographers

Save REAL money, save the planet, and get more performance out of your battery-powered photo tools using better batteries. Will Crockett has completed a long test on rechargeable batteries and has a simple system for the smarter photographer.SEE CURRENT MODELS AND PRICING FROM A TRUSTED RESOURCE HERE.

Can I use wireless flash triggers with mirrorless?
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Can I use wireless flash triggers with mirrorless?

Sure can! Will Crockett is an expert on wireless flash triggers and has done many projects with all the main wireless photo trigger manufacturers.  This video is a response to a viewers email (send your questions thru the ASK WILL box at the right side of discovermirrorless) about using studio strobes with a mirrorless camera.   […]

Holiday eProduct Example and Interview
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Holiday eProduct Example and Interview

One of the best single eProducts we’ve ever seen is the new Christmas “eCard” that Suzette Allen made for a client this week. It is exactly what we think photographers should be focusing on and this time next year, we here at discovermirrorless.com will be sharing this template with you and showing you how to […]

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