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New Hybrid101 Episode: AUDIO for Photographers

Join us Thursday March 27 at 7:30pm CT for a free live stream of this 45 minute program as it is recorded for thePHOTOchannel.pro. Hybrid Heroes RobbyD and Will Crockett share the options and solutions in recording sync speech in their “Talking Portrait” client shoots using on-camera, off-camera audio back into the camera as well […]

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Q: Can You Adjust a Custom White Balance?

In this blog post, Joe Smithberger talks about fine tuning a Custom White Balance setting to render color Warmer or Cooler than it’s default, neutral rendering. Sometimes, for artistic reasons, we want an image or video clip to feel warmer or cooler than normal. In a Still Portrait or Talking Portrait sequence, it is usually […]

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What’s Your Goal for Professional eProduct Sales?

Printed photo product sales are declining and are difficult to boost back up. My customers want my style of portraiture to use and share on their screens. Let’s combine those two and sell them the eProducts they want to buy – and I want to sell them. In this clip from The Profitable eProduct video on thePHOTOchannel.pro, […]

Q: What Lighting Gear Do You Take on Location?

I’ve talked a lot about LED Lighting so far, but I wanted to share a little bit about what I take with me when I’m going on location.  For a typical hybrid photo shoot like the eCardPro or one of my editorial still photoshoots I have been taking a couple of the Larger Dracast LED […]

Q: How Do I Market My Hybrid Photography To Clients?

Now that you know how to create fabulous Hybrid Photos how would you go about marketing it to potential clients? There are many ways to market your hybrid photography that is cost effective. I touch on only a few but helpful ways that you can go about marketing your hybrid eProduct.   You can add […]

Q: Can You Do Hybrid Photography with Your dSLR Camera?

Although Mirrorless cameras have many benefits when shooting both Still Photographs and Video in the same session, it can be done using hdSLRs with fantastic results. This post also features a behind-the-scenes look at a Commercial Hybrid Photography shoot that I did with WRL Advertising in Canton, Ohio (www.wrladv.com) and The Mosser Glass Company (www.mosserglass.com). […]

Q: How Are Clients Responding to Hybrid Photography?

Hybrid Photography is moving into mainstream and with it comes the task of moving my existing cliental to finding Hybrid Photography useful for their business. I wanted to take you into the work I’m doing for one of my commercial clients and show you how I am incorporating hybrid photography into the workflow. For this […]

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Q: What is the Best Hybrid Continuous Lighting?

That is a great question and we want to help you. Right now we are in the process of producing open and honest reviews to HELP YOU chose the best Hybrid Lighting available for your dollars. These are not paid ads, but good research on the lighting that we like and would recommend to our […]

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Q: Do You Need Video Stabilization?

I’ve learned to be a steady still shooter. And I know when I need stabilization for my stills and head for the tripod. For video there’s only one time I need stabilization help – ALWAYS! There are many options and one that I hadn’t used much in my “stills only” days has turned out to […]

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Q: How Can I Find My Dominant Eye?

Learning to use your dominant eye for photography can make your life a lot easier; from easing up on eye fatigue and strain to greater accuracy and speed with manual focus. Yet, a lot of people don’t know *which* of their eyes is the dominant one. In this short vlog, I wanted to show you […]

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