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What’s Your Goal for eProduct Sales?

Ask any photographer in the business these days and you hear the same story over and over again.  Decline in print sales.  What is the answer?   Increase print prices, get a second income source……have you considered diversifying your business to increase that bottom line?  Have you looked at your family and friends and watched them […]

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How To Convert Your Studio To Hybrid Photo Lighting

For the past 2 years I’ve been in the process of converting my portrait studio to continuous lighting for hybrid portraits. Having tried a few different types of lights, I’ve wanted to get something that doesn’t max out my budget, but gives good results. Finally I’ve decided on the Fotodiox C-1600 fixture and Full Spectrum […]

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What Does A Professional Photographer Take On A Road Trip

Being one of the Panasonic Luminaries and speaking at the many shows and classes for photography I am often on the road quite a lot.  So I thought I would share with you some of the items that I’m always bringing and what to bring to make your digital life a little bit easier.  Of […]

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Introducing The Pocket Portrait & A Christmas Gift For All

A Merry Christmas message and update from Steve Lynch, Executive Editor of The Smarter Photo Network (That’s the group that consists of HybridPhoto, ThePhotoChannel, MyeTemplate.Pro, MyeCard.Pro, HybridLab, and HauserTown.com) Steve is letting everyone know about a few exciting updates including a brand new eTemplates called Pocket Portraits. They are shorter than our other eProducts and […]

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Taking A Look At The Fiilex P360 LED SpotLight

Hi guys, here’s one of the videos I made last month in Florida while at the LightPro Expo.  I wanted to take a look at the Fiilex P360 LED Spotlight and show you some of the things I really like about using this light. I’ve been shooting a lot on location out here in Florida […]

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What Can You Do With the Dracast 500 LED Panel Lighting?

Hi guys, I’ve been out touring on my busy speaking schedule this month, but I wanted to stop for a minute and share some of what we’ve been up to at the LightPro Expo 2013 in Captiva Island, FL.  Here is the Dracast 500 LED panel, which I and fellow Hybrid Hero Joe Smithberger have been […]

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What do YOU Need to Create Hybrid Photography?

When photographers hear the idea of Hybrid Photography, they start wondering what do you need to create this?   Well, it’s actually much more simple than you think.   The 3 things you need to get going are some type of camera, whether it is video capable dSLR, a mirrorless camera system, or even your […]

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Q: How To Share An eProduct Using QR Codes?

I’m often get asked how do I share an eProduct with my clients?  Of course there is the standard way of delivering a URL, but I like to do it a little more creatively.  By using my traditional press-printed christmas cards as an example, I will show you how I utilize these neat QR codes […]

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Q: What’s the Best Mic for Hybrid? You Choose!

We give you a few samples of what different mics sound like and at different distances. Starting with the in camera mic, directional shotgun, a hard wired lav, and a wireless lav.For this video we used the Lumix GH3 to record the video and audio. Microphones used were compared , the camera mic, Panasonic Directional, […]

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Live From the Hybrid Hangout Weekend Day 3

Here is our coverage from Day 3 of the Hybrid Hangout Weekend at Paul’s Photo in Torrance. It was a fun event, but we were plagued with audio issues throughout the day. We apologize for the sometimes hard to hear coverage.

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