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Dealing With The Paradigm shifts in Photography By Marlene

Hybrid Hero Marlene Hielema has launched this new Blog on her site ImageMaven.com.   It shares this insightful piece of information on just how much the photography industry is changing right now.      There are paradigm shifts happening right now in photography. You’ve probably already started to notice them. Photography is going from: being print […]

Pre-Processing is the New Raw!

Pre-Processing is the New Raw!

I’m a raw evangelist. Yup. My camera raw tutorial is the most visited page on my website. Every day it outnumbers all the other ImageMaven blog posts and pages.   But even evangelists have to admit when it’s time to step back from the dogma. Why? Because things change. Technology improves and our way of working with our photography tools evolves. If […]

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What is The Pathway To Pre-Processing Your Photographs?

Fresh off her LIVE appearance from the Photo Plus Expo in New York, here is an oldie but goody from Hybrid Hero Marlene Hielema on how she has been Pre-Processing all of her work after leaving a RAW Only workflow.  Check out this awesome video of her explaining how she discovered that converting to a […]

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How to create a better eProduct using storytelling

Many of the Hybrid Heroes here talk about a lot of the technical details of Hybrid Photography, but I wanted to give you information on how storytelling makes you a better Hybrid Photographer.     Things like storytelling. A story will help keep the viewer’s interest longer than random bits and pieces thrown together, because […]

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Change the Speed of Your Video Clips

In this vlog post I’m going to demonstrate how when you change the frame rate of your video clips, you can add emotion to your hybrid eProducts. When you change your frame rate or clip speed you can do it in camera or in editing. In this video I changed the frame rate in the […]

Shooting Fireworks – The Hybrid Way!

Watching fireworks has got to be one of the most fun things for kids and kids at heart. I’m definitely one of those (I’ll let you decide which one!) This year I had the opportunity to watch the Canada Day fireworks from a friend’s balcony. What a treat! Even though it was a party atmosphere, […]

Keys to Good Hybrid Photography – Part 1 Exposure

If you shoot hybrid eProducts there are some camera settings you need to get right in order to get good, useable video and stills. The added benefit is that you don’t need to spend time editing. In this video series I’m going to be covering these key things starting with exposure. The key to good […]

Shooting Hybrid on Holidays

Right now I’m on a cycling trip in southern France. I traveled really light and took only carry on luggage for the flights to Paris, and the train ride to Gourdon. Camera gear includes my GH3 with the 12-35mm lens and my iPad. My traveling companion has a Lumix  FZ200 point and shoot with the […]

Event Photos: Use LED or Flash?

Us hybrid photographers are all gung ho about LED lights so that we can shoot stills and video at the same time. But what I’ve found is that the LED mounted on the camera doesn’t provide the best experience for the person being photographed. People squint and children run and hide when they see me […]

Your Hybrid Sheroes Talk Video Techniques

We’ve all discovered the joy of adding movement to our products. Whether it’s storytelling with families, capturing sports, making weddings more magical or spicing up corporate photography, adding video is enhancing our creativity and adding so much to our client’s delight. AND there’s a learning curve here, a pretty hefty one. So a piece at […]

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