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Continuous Lighting on a Budget
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Continuous Lighting on a Budget

     Although I have been creating hybrids for a while now I still do not have a light panel. Up until now I have primarily been using available light working with reflectors. This worked pretty well for me for a while but I got to the point where I needed a studio space. Living in […]

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Simple & Smart Lighting for eCardPRO

Having good lighting techniques is an important part of any Portrait Photographers skills.   We traditionally have worked with Main, Fill, Hair, Kicker and Background strobes.   We modify, gel, and soften lighting with  a few additional techniques.  As Hybrid Photographers we tend to try to duplicate these same principles with continuous light and one thing we […]

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What are the Key Points to Getting Great Color from LED Portrait Lights?

At HybridPhoto.pro we get asked all the time for recommendations when it comes to purchasing LED lighting. These are the photographers who realize that migrating to Hybrid Photography means that their current strobe lighting will no longer be as functional in the studio as it once was. Many also make the mistake of purchasing low […]

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How Do You Know Which Gels to Use to Balance Mixed Lighting?

I’ve had a lot of e-mails through the LinkedIn group lately on how I balance my lighting to ambient lighting and other lights in my setup. Over the past 6 months I’ve learned a lot about continuous lighting sources and one thing that has become clear from the beginning is each brand and type of […]

Q: What Lighting Gear Do You Take on Location?

I’ve talked a lot about LED Lighting so far, but I wanted to share a little bit about what I take with me when I’m going on location.  For a typical hybrid photo shoot like the eCardPro or one of my editorial still photoshoots I have been taking a couple of the Larger Dracast LED […]

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What Can You Do With the Dracast 500 LED Panel Lighting?

Hi guys, I’ve been out touring on my busy speaking schedule this month, but I wanted to stop for a minute and share some of what we’ve been up to at the LightPro Expo 2013 in Captiva Island, FL.  Here is the Dracast 500 LED panel, which I and fellow Hybrid Hero Joe Smithberger have been […]

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Q: Can You Do Hybrid Photography with Your dSLR Camera?

Although Mirrorless cameras have many benefits when shooting both Still Photographs and Video in the same session, it can be done using hdSLRs with fantastic results. This post also features a behind-the-scenes look at a Commercial Hybrid Photography shoot that I did with WRL Advertising in Canton, Ohio (www.wrladv.com) and The Mosser Glass Company (www.mosserglass.com). […]

Q: How Are Clients Responding to Hybrid Photography?

Hybrid Photography is moving into mainstream and with it comes the task of moving my existing cliental to finding Hybrid Photography useful for their business. I wanted to take you into the work I’m doing for one of my commercial clients and show you how I am incorporating hybrid photography into the workflow. For this […]

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Q: What are some ways to light a wedding for stills and video?

Lighting a wedding for hybrid photography is different from other photography.  One needs to use all continuous light whether ambient or added so you can capture stills and video with the same lighting.  Flashes and strobes would create uneven light.   The  lighting challenge is the same, how to provide your lens enough light to […]

Q: What are Will’s 5 Recommended LED Lights for Pro Hybrid Lighting?

Ready to buy your first serious continuous lights for shooting pro level talking portraiture? Confused on what size, shape, style of LED light you may need?For over 16 years, I have been testing photo tools for the manufacturers and for ShootSmarter / Discovermirrorless as the well know as the guy that tells it like it […]

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