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Why I Sell the eCardPro to Small Business Clients

As an experienced portrait photographer with a commercial background and like many other photographers, I am looking for a new market for my photography business.  With over 25 years in photography, I know that it is time to change my business focus.  The eCard Pro is the focus of this discussion. This does not require a […]

Moving into Hybrid…Find a Mentor, Mentee or a Buddy

Carol Schlintz and I met at a Hybrid Hangout back in the fall and started talking weekly about how to move our hybrid photography forward: what had we done, what was our next steps, what was working, what else we needed to make things work. In June, she came to my sistere’s wedding and she […]

Great shots with the LUMIX 100-300mm f4-5.6 MFT lens

After watching Crockett’s video about the Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm f4-5.6 G lens I decided to get another copy and try it again. Like Will, I had used this lens before and was not impressed with the image quality. I took the 100-300mm with me to Costa Rica last week and gave it a workout. Instead […]

Kelvin – What? Why? How?

Kelvin is one of those things that I think a lot of photographers don’t really understand that well and I was one of them. I never really took the time to learn about it until recently when it became more important. If you’re a hybrid photographer using multiple LED panels this is important information. What […]

Adding a Second Hybrid Camera Body: Same or Different? Also GH3 Moire Issues.

Pro Imaging Coach to the Hybrid Heroes on DiscoverMirrorless responds to readers emails thru the Ask Will section of that website, Here’s a response about what the Moire issues on the GH3 look like and how Will casually handles them, and a readers asks about expanding his images “look” by adding a second body.  Does […]

Need An Audio Setup for Hybrid Photography?

I know there are a lot of options out there for hybrid photographers, like myself, to capture really good audio. Really, I know that there are a lot of options because I think I’ve researched pretty much all of them! I knew that my audio setup needed to have three things: 1) portable 2) simple […]

3 Easy Tips To Shooting Higher Quality Professional Video

I remember back when I first started filming video.  It was in high school, and it was in one of my video production classes.  We thought back then we were so awesome at what we were doing… (hehe… if only younger Steve new what older Steve knew.)  As I learned to be a better videographer, […]

Hybrid Shooting Tips by Suzette Allen

Here is a short video on tips to reduce your production and editing time for your eProducts and Hybrid videos.

Innovation #4 – ProDots, Silly or Not?

I’ll be the first to say that when I first saw these on a colleague’s camera I chuckled a bit. Then I had the opportunity to try them so I did, expecting to continue thinking them a bit silly. Once I used them I promptly ordered 2 more sets because I found that they improved […]

Another Reason to Consider Pro Mirrorless over DSLR?

We’re all about supporting YOU with info on how to shoot and shape and sell photo+video+audio “eProducts” no matter what camera you use. Being prepared for any situation that can pop up during your photo shoots can easily spell the difference between success and disaster {we all have some scary stories on that topic!} so […]

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