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Are Professionals Ready to Migrate from dSLR to Mirrorless?

One moment that I marked as THE POINT where dSLR was dead for me was when Panasonic introduced the 12-35mm f2.8 and 35-100mm f2.8 lenses.  These replaced the go-to 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses we professionals had been using.  So that begs many to ask the question, is the micro four thirds / mirrorless systems ready for professional […]

Shooting Video: Manual or Automated Movie Modes Explained

There are 3 ways to shoot video on the GH3 (and GH2, G5, probably others). The first is iA which is the most automated, next is P-S-A-M, which is somewhat automated and third is Manual Movie Mode. The first 2 use the “red” button and the third uses the shutter release. We explore the ramifications […]

Video Recording Modes – MP4, AVCHD or MOV?

The video (and audio) components of hybrid photography are way new to me, coming from a background in still photography. Having a few “recipes” for how to set up for video capture, and little knowledge to back them, I don’t feel confident in my ability to get great video in any circumstances. In my quest […]

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A Hybrid Hangout “Adobe Premiere Pro Basics”

This past week 3 of our Hybrid Heroes, Steven Lynch, Carol Schlintz, and Scott Giorgini got together to talk about one of Adobe’s best creative programs Premiere Pro. Carol Schlintz, who is a professional portrait and sports photographer in Wisconsin hosts the hangout while Scott Giorgini, who brings many years of experience as a professional […]

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Tools We Use to Make Hybrid eProducts – A SHEroes Only Hybrid Hangout

The 7 ladies of the Hybrid Hero crew at DiscoverMirrorless get together about once a month to talk Hybrid Photography and Hybrid eProducts. On this occasion, despite some glitches in the recording that caused the video to be very rough. Between the bouts of laughter we lay out our work tools when it comes to […]

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How to Combine Audio and Music for Your Hybrid eProduct

I went to an event for foodies in Seattle called The Seattle Underground Market and ended up taking more videos than stills which is probably a first for me.  I talked a bit about the event and the hybrid eProduct I put together in a hangout with some of the other Hybrid Sheroes which you […]

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Hybrid Hangout – sHeroes Only: Let’s Talk Hybrid eProducts

All 7 of the sHeroes on the DiscoverMirrorless Hybrid Heroes team came together Tuesday night to talk about their favorite Hybrid eProducts. So much variety, so many ideas, all packed into about a half an hour. Join us to hear what’s hot and a little about how we make our Hybrid eProducts. You’ll get ideas […]

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What is Hybrid Photography?

Change is coming, folks.  As technology advances and new and wonderful things become possible, it’s inevitable that the most creative among us will come up with new and innovative ways to express or deliver their art. Once upon a time, the only way you could listen to music was to go and see it performed […]

Getting the Color Right for Video

Your team from the color hangout went a little off track discussing video editing apps and the implications of some of the tools. The conversation was so interesting that I didn’t want to just leave it on the editing room floor. In stead I saved it for your review. When to use Lightroom and when […]

Why Photographers Are Choosing Hybrid eProducts?

The Feminine Hybrid Heroes (Hybrid Heroins sounds too drug related) enjoyed their first conversation. When this group gets together to talk shop you know something interesting going to be said. We explored the need for Hybrid eProducts from several perspectives: business, market, artistic, expectations, professional leadership and more. This conversation includes: Cindy Conner www.midwestconnections.com sales@midwestconnections.com […]

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