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Behind the Scenes of a Commercial Hybrid Advertising Campaign

I’ve been on location for the past couple of weeks in Austin, TX with fellow Hybrid Hero Giulio Sciorio.  He’s been shooting a Hybrid Advertising Campaign for precision rifle maker Tracking Point, which he is incorporating stills, video, and motion graphics to create a load of value for the client.  Originally I was brought in to […]

Ready for the Opportunity of Screens?

In the world of photographer we’ve been hearing talk about death. Death of film, death of print…its just not true. Analog formats will not go away anytime soon. Most likely analog formats will become something of a prized craft like someone who shoots film, processes the negative and makes a beautiful print by hand. For […]

WPPI 2013 Highlights

 WPPI was bigger and better than ever with the a few of our superstars from ShootSmarter.com and DiscoverMirrorless.com. First up, is an interview with Kayce Baker, Director of Marketing for Professional Digital Cameras on the similarities and the differences between the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and the Fujifilm X-E1 mirrorless cameras. Kayce covers it all including price, […]

Hybrid Photography: Street Portraits

Street photography is a fun way to shoot and share the environment around you. Taking your camera with you everywhere you go is a great idea since you’ll never know what or who you’ll find. Since I specialize in portraits I love to capture people in my street photography. Miami being my home, I’m always […]

How to setup your GH3 like a BOSS – Part 4 of 4 Custom Settings

In part 4 of 4  I’ll show you how I can quickly build custom settings such as Retro, Color and Monochrome looks and store them in the GH3′s C1-3 buttons…like a BOSS. Now that you got your function buttons set, quick menu customized and JPEG settings you’re almost ready to shoot like a boss playa. […]

How to Setup Your GH3 Like a BOSS – Part 3 of 4 JPEG Settings

In part 3 of 4 we’ll check out in detail how I use different JPEG settings for color, monochrome and aspect ratios…like a BOSS. The GH3 comes with 7 picture profiles, one of which is custom that you’ll build and store in camera for latter use. The JPEG settings we’ll go over in this video […]

How to Setup Your GH3 like a BOSS – Part 2 of 4 Quick Menu

In part 2 of 4 we dig into setting up the Lumix GH3′s quick menu…like a BOSS. Every time I shoot with the GH3 I use the quick menu…every time. The quick menu is great for recalling settings that you might otherwise dig into the main menu on a regular basis. Using the quick menu […]

How to setup your GH3 like a BOSS – Part 1 of 4 Function Buttons

In part 1 of 4 I detail why the Lumix GH3 is important in my work and how to set up each of the 7 custom function buttons like a BOSS. The GH3 is the only hybrid camera made for professionals and I love it. When properly setup for how I shoot GH3 just gets […]

Setup Your Digital Camera Like a BOSS

The Lumix G5 may the little brother of the GH3 but with the tips in this video you can take you G5 from a little bro to a BOSS. If you put in the time to get to know your camera, experiment with the settings, and shoot you’ll get the most from your camera. When […]

Customize Your Camera for Hybrid Photography

Customizing your camera for hybrid photography means you’re able to move between stills and video with ease. Regardless if you’re using your cameras EVF or touch screen having your camera customized for hybrid means you’l be able to – Shoot quick Shoot well Have fun Check out the video to see how I used the […]

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