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Q: How do you dial in the color on LED panels for portraits?

We’re doing well with the long-term testing on the Cool Lux brand of LED 1×1 panels and have recently switched over to them in our studio with very good results. When we initially tested them, they showed no color troubles using a color meter but when we put them into daily use we noticed a […]

Why I’ve Chosen To Shoot the Fuji X-M1 Instead of Nikon D90

I have been wanting to get into a mirrorless camera for a while now. There are lots of great ones out there but I needed to find the one that was right for me. For this commercial shoot I used the Nikon D90 plus my new Fuji X-M1! To put the X-M1 to the test […]

Why Does Will Crockett Use 2 Different Camera Bodies?

We love great questions from our viewers and here’s a terrific one.  This viewer saw two of my recent vlog posts and noticed they kinda contradict each other?  In one, I say, “the only real backup body is an exact duplicate of the primary camera” and in other videos you see me shooting jobs using […]

Coming in Close…No Need to Crop

I recently got the Panasonic 35-100 mm lens (the equivalent to the DSLR 70-200 mm) and it allows me to come in close and create those intimate portraits I love.  This is my new number one reason I love shooting with a mirrorless camera: ability to get in close with a a telephoto lens.  It’s […]

Premium Profits from the Easy eCardPRO Hybrid eProduct

Here’s a little update on our latest Hybrid project, the eCardPRO Talking Business Card. In an era where just about everyone is carrying around a smartphone or tablet device, and everyone else is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., we believe the eCardPRO will be the replacement for the traditional printed business card.  You know, the […]

So What’s Our Most Popular eProduct?

We’re constantly adding new and cool eProducts and Templates to our selection her on DiscoverMirrorless.com, and the most popular one up until now has been the Talking Trading Card.  Are you ready to make your own cool Talking Trading Card eProduct? FANTASTIC!  In the video above, I’ll share a few ideas, tips, and shortcuts on […]

Hybrid Photography: Which Wide Angle Lenses for Mirrorless?

A question from a viewer from “Ask Will” prompted me to make a short video reply on which wide angle lenses I’m using for my client images with mirrorless. As you probably know, I have used or tested LOTS of mirrorless gear and has a wide array of lenses in his mirrorless cabinet to cover […]

Example of How to Deliver an eProduct to a Customer
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Example of How to Deliver an eProduct to a Customer

After you make an eProduct to sale to a customer, how to you get the video file to them?  As pros and as non-pros we need a simple eProduct delivery system, here’s Will Crockett showing one way…. Customers click on the link from their phones or tablets of laptops and land at a webpage where […]

Hybrid Photography is here.  Are YOU ready?
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Hybrid Photography is here. Are YOU ready?

Wanna see how cool eProducts are?  Easy, fresh, innovative ways of sculpting photos and video and audio into glorious eProducts are revolutionizing photography, for both pros and non pros.   Photo innovator Will Crockett has assembled a team of photographers to show and share how they are transforming their images from “photos only” into a magical […]

Panasonic Lumix GH3 User Experience Part 2

I review the shoot, images, video and include the Hybrid eProduct that I created with the GH3. Auto ISO and Auto White Balance are reviewed along with video handling, stills taken during a video recording and audio. I was amazed by this camera’s performance and you be the judge after hearing how I shot and […]

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