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What New Lighting Set Up is Perfect for Talking Portraits?

Hybridographers is a term we like to play with when thinking of the future of Photography in our downtown Chicago studio.  We are excited to provide our clients with great images and also Talking Portraits.  We have been stepping up to the plate to create new solutions for our Hybrid Photography and we want to […]

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Want To Join Me On This Hybrid Photography Ride?

 This is Barry Staver’s first Vlog Post as a Hybrid Hero. Barry is a lifelong photojournalist, “the storyteller with a camera”, and his instinct says the time is right for hybrid photography.  As our established photography markets shrink, disappear, and change before our eyes, we can disappear with them, or say “Hell Yeah” to the […]

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New Hybrid101 Episode: AUDIO for Photographers

Join us Thursday March 27 at 7:30pm CT for a free live stream of this 45 minute program as it is recorded for thePHOTOchannel.pro. Hybrid Heroes RobbyD and Will Crockett share the options and solutions in recording sync speech in their “Talking Portrait” client shoots using on-camera, off-camera audio back into the camera as well […]

Fuji Announces New X-T1 Professional Mirrorless Camera
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Fuji Announces New X-T1 Professional Mirrorless Camera

Fujifilm has announced the new Fuji X-T1 mirrorless camera today. It features the largest EVF in any mirror less camera at 0.77x which has new technology that makes the EVF image nearly as good as that of an Optical Viewfinder. With a list of more improvements, here at HybridPhoto we are wondering how this new […]

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Q: Can You Do Hybrid Photography with Your dSLR Camera?

Although Mirrorless cameras have many benefits when shooting both Still Photographs and Video in the same session, it can be done using hdSLRs with fantastic results. This post also features a behind-the-scenes look at a Commercial Hybrid Photography shoot that I did with WRL Advertising in Canton, Ohio (www.wrladv.com) and The Mosser Glass Company (www.mosserglass.com). […]

How Do I Make a Successful eProduct for Weddings? Continued

After completing a wedding recently, I wanted to share with everyone some thoughts and my experience in creating an eProduct for wedding clients.   I’ve been learning to use ProShow Producer 5 lately, and it’s definitely a powerful video editor and a tool in the Hybrid Photographer’s workflow.  I added a real life testimonial to […]

Why Does Will Crockett Use 2 Different Camera Bodies?

We love great questions from our viewers and here’s a terrific one.  This viewer saw two of my recent vlog posts and noticed they kinda contradict each other?  In one, I say, “the only real backup body is an exact duplicate of the primary camera” and in other videos you see me shooting jobs using […]

How do Mirrorless Cameras Handle MIXED LIGHTING Conditions?

Industrial and commercial interior locations are one of the places I like to shoot in a lot! I am constantly mixing flash with roomlight, LED with daylight, Fluorescent with LED and CFL… This is actually one of the primary reasons I moved from the DSLR to a mirrorless camera system. In this video reply to […]

Sound Experiment – Improve Your Sound Quality

In this Vlog I am sharing with you my new professional sound recorder from Zoom H4n. It is an amazing product and VERY affordable for what it is.  When I got this product I decided to compare the sound quality of the recorder H4n with the sound I was delivering with the gear I had […]

A $9 CFL Bulb with Pro Level Color Accuracy for Talking Portraits? Yep!

Great news! There’s now a good {not great} color accuracy CFL light bulb for only $9.  Best of all, it’s from Home Depot.  Thanks to Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshi for asking me to test this smart budget buster solution.   Compact Fluorescent bulbs are not the ideal way to create talking portrait lighting, but […]

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