Hauser Hybrid Makeover: How did we shoot the Client Pitch Video?

Continuing with our Hauser Hybrid Makeover project into the New Year, I wanted to answer this question to one of our Linkedin Group members, Rex.  Here’s a little view inside of Marc Hauser’s Chicago portrait studio and I take you on a tour to show you some of the different areas and things we are […]

Have A Merry Christmas From The Team at HybridPhoto!
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Have A Merry Christmas From The Team at HybridPhoto!

Dear Hybrid Shooters,   Hi there everybody and welcome back to HybridPhoto.Pro (Formerly  I wanted all of you to know how grateful and appreciative we are of You Guys, our audience.  Over the past year we’ve really undergone some incredible changes over here on the site.  First there was our name change from DiscoverMirrorless to HybridPhoto.Pro. […]

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Hauser Hybrid Makeover: Audio Solutions for Talking Portraits

As the transformation from a still photo only studio into a hybrid photo+video+audio studio continues, I’d like to share some of the audio recording solutions for recording talking portraits for the eCardPRO eProdutcs we are creating. First off I talk about some of the microphones we are using in the studio now.  We have a […]

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Hauser Hybrid Makeover: Moving Hybrid Files Quickly

There is no USB hardwire “tethered” solution for the GH3, and the wifi system is pretty slow for hybrid shooters that want to move photo and video, so how do you move files fast?  We shoot GH3′s every day in Marc Hauser’s Hybrid Portrait Studio and really miss the old shooting tethered option from the […]

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Introducing The Pocket Portrait & A Christmas Gift For All

A Merry Christmas message and update from Steve Lynch, Executive Editor of The Smarter Photo Network (That’s the group that consists of HybridPhoto, ThePhotoChannel, MyeTemplate.Pro, MyeCard.Pro, HybridLab, and Steve is letting everyone know about a few exciting updates including a brand new eTemplates called Pocket Portraits. They are shorter than our other eProducts and […]

How Much Does Camera Selection Matter For Hybrid Photography?
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How Much Does Camera Selection Matter For Hybrid Photography?

Over here at HybridPhoto (Formerly DiscoverMirrorless)  we are pretty big on the Mirrorless cameras, but occasionally we are still asked by many photographers if you need a “Special” camera to shoot Hybrid Photography.   With new innovations in Mirrorless technology coming out like the Fuji X-E2, OM-D E-M1, Lumix GH3, Lumix GX7, and let’s not […]

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Taking A Look At The Fiilex P360 LED SpotLight

Hi guys, here’s one of the videos I made last month in Florida while at the LightPro Expo.  I wanted to take a look at the Fiilex P360 LED Spotlight and show you some of the things I really like about using this light. I’ve been shooting a lot on location out here in Florida […]

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Ask Will: Why Use the 16×9 format For Hybrid Photography

We received an Ask Coach Will question from Hybrid Shooter Bill White this week regarding why we are shooting in the 16×9 format for both still photos and video.   Hi Will, Could you explain to me why you would want to shoot 16:9 instead of 4:3?   I do find that putting my camera […]

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Ask Will: How To Move A Photo Studio from dSLR to Mirrorless

Here’s a response to an “Ask Will” question received last week.  The photographer asking the question wondered how he could go by actually moving his Portrait Studio over to being a Hybrid Studio.  I thought this would warrant an actual video response and show exactly what we are doing over at Master Portrait Photographer Marc […]

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The Basics of Profitable Hybrid Photography – What, How, Now!

All the buzz in photography these days seems to be about Hybrid.  What is Hybrid Photography?  It’s nothing more than the skillful blend of Photo+Video+Audio all into one file that leaps off of the screen whether you are using a Tablet, iPhone, or computer.  This is a new medium, it’s a wonderful new canvas for […]

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