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Q: How do you move a customer thru an eCardPRO shooting session?

Over at HauserTown Studios in downtown Chicago, Will Crockett has been developing a first class Hybrid Studio to serve both Portrait and Commercial Clients.  The main goal in servicing Commercial clients is to create an efficient workflow.  We begin by first introducing them to our webpages and galleries which we provide for client’s use.   A key piece within the […]

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Hybrid Photography Has Gone to the Dogs… Quite Literally

Hybrid Photography has gone to the dogs… and cats and birds, ferrits, bunnies, lizards…. WHAT???!!! Sometimes one’s journey gets “interrupted”. As I was enjoying the start of my hybrid career (and still am) shooting families, sports and professionals hybrid style I rescued a dog who was only hours from euthanasia. His name is Wrigley and […]

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Q: How do you really USE an eCardPRO eProduct?

It’s LOUIE!   Will Crockett and Louie Malagon (Will’s 20 year old sidekick and all around guru of everything Crockettville)  sit down and demonstrate the eCardPro, which happens to be the best selling eProduct in the country.   The eCardPro is the replacement to the printed business card.  Ask anyone in sales today and they are looking […]

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What’s Your Goal for Professional eProduct Sales?

Printed photo product sales are declining and are difficult to boost back up. My customers want my style of portraiture to use and share on their screens. Let’s combine those two and sell them the eProducts they want to buy – and I want to sell them. In this clip from The Profitable eProduct video on, […]

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Q: How Do I Choose an eProduct to Shoot as a Sample?

What can I sell?   What eProduct is the right fit for me and my business plan?    It is the same question we answered when we took the big leap and became professional photographers, right?      Is there a certain part of your business that seems to be losing sales lately?  One that traditionally was important to […]

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How Easy is it to Use the Fuji X-M1 Professionally?

When I was asked to photograph the YMCA’s annual fundraiser I brought along an assistant with me, Sarah. We converted an exercise studio into a photography studio for a couple of hours so we could offer a Photo Op for the attendees. Sarah was shooting in the Photo Op studio with the Fuji X-M1 so […]

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What’s Your Goal for eProduct Sales?

Ask any photographer in the business these days and you hear the same story over and over again.  Decline in print sales.  What is the answer?   Increase print prices, get a second income source……have you considered diversifying your business to increase that bottom line?  Have you looked at your family and friends and watched them […]

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How Do You Know Which Gels to Use to Balance Mixed Lighting?

I’ve had a lot of e-mails through the LinkedIn group lately on how I balance my lighting to ambient lighting and other lights in my setup. Over the past 6 months I’ve learned a lot about continuous lighting sources and one thing that has become clear from the beginning is each brand and type of […]

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How To Convert Your Studio To Hybrid Photo Lighting

For the past 2 years I’ve been in the process of converting my portrait studio to continuous lighting for hybrid portraits. Having tried a few different types of lights, I’ve wanted to get something that doesn’t max out my budget, but gives good results. Finally I’ve decided on the Fotodiox C-1600 fixture and Full Spectrum […]

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Our First Profitable eProduct Goes Mainstream

Our HauserTown makeover continues as we are making a profitable transition to offering eCardpro to our business clients.  We are finding that this product is especially attractive to those in sales and we are focusing currently on a particular group of real estate agents in our local area.  It makes sense.  These folks already possess the ability […]

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