Interview with Beauty Box Video Creator Jim Tierney

I spoke with Jim Tierney, owner of Digital Anarchy who makes Beauty Box Video. This great tool allows easy skin retouching of video. Jim tells us about the origin of the product and a bit about how it works. This is a G+ Hangout edited with Final Cut Pro X and Beauty Box.

Could Omicron Be the PERFECT Hybrid LED Light?

Some people think the Quantum Omicron is “just another LED ringlight”, but believe me it does much more. This video shows three reasons why I, as a photo+video+audio hybrid shooter, chooses these small, lightweight, powerful LED’s as main lights, background lights, and what could be the perfect fill light. Tune in to see more…

Making Funky Backgrounds from Mirrorless Camera “Art Filters”

So the busy season is just around the corner and I had an itch for new studio backgrounds, but did not feel like buying any (I’m a little dutch, what can I say.)    Solution:  Make my own backgrounds with my new Lumix GH3 and the onboard creative filters built right into this camera.  These […]

So What’s Our Most Popular eProduct?

We’re constantly adding new and cool eProducts and Templates to our selection her on, and the most popular one up until now has been the Talking Trading Card.  Are you ready to make your own cool Talking Trading Card eProduct? FANTASTIC!  In the video above, I’ll share a few ideas, tips, and shortcuts on […]

Why Go Hybrid?

Before we learn the “Hows”, we need to look at the “Why”, why we need to learn hybrid photography. Photography is America’s no. 1 hobby…because it is fun! Knowing this fact is so important. Let me tell you “Why” I have added Hybrid Photography into my workflow and see if you should too. …let me […]

The Future of Studio Portrait Lighting with Will Crockett

Clients are starting to ask for portraits that move and include voices.  What parent or grandparent would NOT want to have a hybrid eProduct on their phones and FB pages from 10 years ago when your teenager was 6, and to see their movements and facial gestures and their little voices?  THAT’s where professional and […]

Using a Compact Camera as More than Just a Point and Shoot

I was talking to a friend of mine who recently purchased a Panasonic Lumix LX7 fixed lens compact camera and she wanted to learn how to use it as “more than a point-n-shoot”. There’s been a flood of high quality compact cameras hitting the market recently, including the Pentax MX1, the Fuji X20, the Sony […]

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Hybrid Training with Mark Toal

Still not sure about Hybrid Photography? Well, we are all in this together. I have been a long time still photographer and have made my living completely around the photography business, but even I am just now learning to shoot video and create hybrid eProducts. After purchasing some equipment, I am ready to jump in. […]

Use a Jib to Add Camera Movement to Your Video Clips

Adding camera motion to your video clips is a great way to make your shots more interesting and add value to your hybrid eProducts. In the past I’ve talked about using a slider to add motion. In this video I’m demonstrating how to use a jib. A jib is a piece of camera gear that […]

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How Big of a Print from a Mirrorless JPEG Portrait File? 44×44

44×44? Inches? Yep.   Marc Hauser, legendary portrait photographer is moving from DSLR to mirrorless for his gorgeous portrait work.  He wanted to have me come in with a mirrorless camera, set it up to shoot warm-toned B&W jpegs, then print them out on his big Epson inkjets to see what the REAL quality of […]

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