How to Light Talking Portraits that POP with LEDs

While relearning how to light my hybrid photographs and talking portraits using LED Lighting, I have been attempting to get a similar look to what I’m used to with my strobes.  I’ve found that by using 2 LED Panels, I can light the subject to create separation from the background.  By introducing a hair light […]

A $9 CFL Bulb with Pro Level Color Accuracy for Talking Portraits? Yep!

Great news! There’s now a good {not great} color accuracy CFL light bulb for only $9.  Best of all, it’s from Home Depot.  Thanks to Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshi for asking me to test this smart budget buster solution.   Compact Fluorescent bulbs are not the ideal way to create talking portrait lighting, but […]

Hybrid Allows Us to Show More

Hybrid photography takes my work to the next level, it doesn’t make me a videographer or a cinematographer. My goal as a photographer is to show people as they are and stills get me pretty close, but adding motion and sounds allows me to do that even better. I was photographing a party on a […]

Frame Rate and Shutter Speed for Action Photographers

While there is no “must” setting for shutter speed when shooting video, there are practical limits. Action shooters are typically shooting shutter speeds for stills that are too fast for making good video. So with sincere thanks to Coach Crockett for helping us understand that a range of shutter speeds work and provide quality, interesting […]

LED vs. FLASH – Seeing The Difference With Talking Portraits

As I’ve started to use more LED Lighting in order to give a unique look to my Talking Portraits and eProducts, I have started to notice some differences between the Flashes that I am used to and the new LED Panels.  One thing that has really stood out to me as I’ve began using the […]

A Smart Slide-In Mic for Much Better Audio for Hybrid Shooters

Slide-in external microphones for hybrid photographers looking to shoot talking portraits can make a BIG boost in audio quality. And they can also be difficult to use, expensive, easy to break, and hard to adjust. There is no one perfect solution. We’re testing a bunch and one has popped up on our list as not […]

Sound Advice: The Secret Ingredient That Can Make or Break Your Hybrid eProduct

Hi Folks!  Scott Giorgini here.  I’m a Hybrid Hero who has decades of experience in radio and television production, and right now I’d like to focus on the Secret Ingredient that cam make or break your Hybrid eProducts. Question:  What is one of the most important, yet most overlooked, components of any Hybrid eProduct? As […]

Innovation #3 – The M-Plate Base Plate

The C-Loop and glide strap started this round of innovations that make shooting hybrid easier. The M-Plate brings the tripod into the picture without having to remove the C-loop. When shooting action – and active babies/children I really need to be able to move quickly between hand held, hands free and tripod. The M-Plate brings […]

Focusing in Video Mode

Do you find focusing while shooting video challenging?  It’s one of the things I’ve struggled with over the past couple months, especially when using Lumix lenses on the OMD.  Firmware updates have helped some but it still seems more challenging than the Olympus lenses.  I tend to use manual focus quite often when shooting video […]

Learning to Work With LEDs for Still and Moving Portraits

Working your way into Hybrid Photography with LED lights offers many advantages for the photographer. Lighting with continuous lights is intuitive with easier and faster set-ups. Catching an expression with continuous lighting instead of the big strobe pop makes a photo session feel much more relaxed for my clients (especially kids). This also ads a […]

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