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Are DSLRs Really Doomed?

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Are DSLRs Really Doomed?

I just found the video below that a couple friends of mine, Will Crockett from (Discovermirrorless) and Frederick Van Johnson (TWiP) made recently. It’s more of a recorded conversation then anything but its a very good convo and I think its one that we all need to be discussing. You’re on Small Camera Big Picture because either you’re interested in leaving the big DSLR’s behind or you are already holding the future of photography in your hands.

I’m thinking DSLRS’s got about 3 years left as the main imaging tool for the majority of pros but some will hold onto their DSLRs for deal life. Here’s a few reasons why -

  1. Photographers, especially pros, don’t like to change.Pro photogs will hold on to the ways of old until the pain from loss of revenue is so great they either go out of business or change. Other photographers will continue to believe they need 35mm sensors with 36 megapixels or more to be legit not realizing that the majority of their work ends up on facebook, while others will hold on to the “bigger is better” mentality of the mens club.
  2. Photography is currently a mens club.I really don’t like to say that but its true and it really sucks. What has happend with this mens club is an endless BS conversation of “bigger is better” mentality peppered with overly-technical language by many that really don’t have an idea what they are saying.Women are more into creating then talking tech and these conversations are not in talking tech. Every woman photographer I know is more interested in the creation process. The tech talk is soooo passee! The tech in mirrorless cameras are making it easier then ever to take that image in your minds eye and make it a reality. If a photographer is shooting smarter rather then harder they are talking less tech and more about the creation process. Men should get a clue and learn from the ladies here!
  3. Photographers don’t want to learn video. That’s cool, don’t…and watch your business shrink. Listen up people – video is not as hard as you think. You shoot video like you would stills but there are a few considerations. Learn to shoot video from other photographers not video or cinema pros who like to overly complicate things by adding on loads of additional gear. Where is your work ending up? Mostlikely its in an online gallery, Facebook, Google +, Youtube or Vimeo. You don’t need to spend years learning about all the knobs, levels, focus depth, codecs…blah blah blah
  4. Change can be scary. As you know, this year I sold off my DSLR kit for a Pen Mini. A few people thought that was nuts but most didn’t. I took a big creative and financial risk doing so. It was really scary and I had to think about it the move long and hard but I’m glad I did. Read – How to Overcome Fears using Micro 4/3rds in a Professional Environment.

How much time do you think there is for DSLRs dominance in the mainstream? What is it that you love about your mirrorless or DSLR and don’t want to give up? Keep the convo going in the comments below.

From Vimeo:

Two of the photo industry’s most respected educators chat about how, when, why DSLRs will be replaced by mirrorless cameras in the recent future. When do you switch over? Why would you? Are these guys nuts?
Frederick Van Johnson from and Will Crockett from are both pro shooters, top photo educators, and they have recorded a recent convo that you get to hop in on.

CONVO:CLICK: Are DSLRs Really Doomed?

About the Author:

Giulio Sciorio is an award winning professional photographer that shoots for social media, editorial and advertising. G is modern-minimalist with a visual style that is natural, spontaneous and fun. As one of the first pro photographers to switch from a DSLRs to a mirrorless-hybrid system, G founded Small Camera Big Picture. His vision is to inspire other photographers to reach new creative heights using small cameras. Small Camera Big Picture is the resource for everything on mirrorless-hybrid photography and the modern photographer’s lifestyle. Learn how big things come in small packages at

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  1. MichaelDMiller says:

    Since the sensors are so small, 4/3, how can the resolution be comparable to a full frame or apsc Canon or Nikon? Nikon 12mp full frame 4/3 12mp.

  2. Hi Mike! I hear you – and I thought the same thing when they first came my way a year ago. One of the things we have to let go of in imaging is megapixels and sensor size having some sort of linear relationship with image quality. It’s just not there buddy. I know, it USED to be true, but technology has taken size out of the equation. Depth of field is different on a smaller sensor of course, and that is something that takes a while to overcome as a shooter, but the freedom of having no more concerns about ISO, low light AWB and autofocus that works, and the smaller size of the entire kit helps you get over the DOF issues with a smile. The only real way to prove that a camera has the IQ you need for your type of shooting is to shoot the darned thing. That’s how we discovered that the new technology is a great fit for us. We literally have Nikon D700, D7000′s sitting in the cabinet and we shoot the mirrorless instead.
    Tell me how I can help?

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