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The Shotgun Mic from Panasonic

I feel like a broken record about being new to video and audio. And that’s just what I am. New, neophyte and inexperienced in getting the best of either – and learning really fast what works and what doesn’t. The new mic by Panasonic, developed for the GH3, is really awesome. It’s a shotgun mic and a stereo mic in one! (You choose which to use via the menu.) What’s most important, is that it takes the OK in-camera mic audio to another level entirely. Take a look/listen and decide for yourself as I start this post with the in-camera mic then switch to the shotgun external mic.

The difference is an amazing boost in quality (I sound more like me to me – that’s good, right?…) and in sensitivity. I had the levels set at 14 (down from 19, which is the top and where I needed to be with the in-camera mic and the Rode stereo mic that I’ve also used) and to make the comparison more fair, I increased the volume on the in-camera video section during processing by about 15%.

This mic is a must-have addition to the GH3 of any hybrid photographer who wants seriously great sound to go with the fantastic video and amazing IQ of this camera.

About the Author:

After 20+ years in a computer tech job, Carol Schlintz is enjoying a second and more fulfilling career as a portrait and sports photographer in suburban Milwaukee. Like many of us, she has met with some personal challenges and is in need of reducing the physical strain from carrying heavy pro cameras and lenses around. Not one to take "no" for an answer, she jumped in with both feet and no safety net. As of April 2012 Carol has retired her big DSLR's and picked up a couple of small, light mirrorless cameras and is now using them on every shoot. Vlogging here on discovermirrorless, as well as sharing and swapping ideas with the other Hybrid Heroes (and the viewers!) is part of her process of evolving from a still photo only photographer into a photo+video+audio hybrid image maker. Count on Carol to share what works, what doesn't, and all the steps in becoming Milwaukees first hybrid photography studio that specializes in making and selling eProducts.

3 Comments on "The Shotgun Mic from Panasonic"

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  1. DaleC says:

    Very impressive sound quality! I was originally considering the Rode Videomic Pro as the mic to go with my GH3, but this was very very good. Have you heard any comparison of the MS2 against the Rode Videomic Pro? Thanks. DaleC

  2. Hi Dale. I have a Rode Stereomic Pro – not sure that is the the right name but it’s their “pro” stereo mic that works with the GH3. No comparison. The MS2 is the hands down winner for quality and for volume.

  3. DaleC says:

    That is great news! I definitely will put the MS2 on my list then. Thanks!

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