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Can A Professional Shoot Tethered Using A WiFi Workflow?

Many pros have enjoyed the ability to shoot photo and video files with their cameras connected to a laptop via USB {or some firewire folks left too!} in a tethered config to speed up their workflow and to keep a critical eye on image quality. I’ve been shooting dSLRs and medium format digital cameras tethered […]

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Q: How Easy Is Pre-Processing?

Pre-processing, a term you’re hearing more and more often from the Hybrid Heroes, simply refers to setting your options in-camera before you start shooting. Why convert to black and white in post-production and add 30 minutes to your workflow? If you know you need vivid color or a film emulation, you can save valuable time […]

Q: Can You Do Hybrid Photography with Your dSLR Camera?

Although Mirrorless cameras have many benefits when shooting both Still Photographs and Video in the same session, it can be done using hdSLRs with fantastic results. This post also features a behind-the-scenes look at a Commercial Hybrid Photography shoot that I did with WRL Advertising in Canton, Ohio ( and The Mosser Glass Company ( […]

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Q: How Can I Keep My Camera Stable When Shooting Video?

Have you tried shooting video and found that you ended up with video that’s just a bit too shaky? Stabilizing your camera is quite easy and, in this video, follow Robby D as he shows you two techniques for keeping your camera stable: use a tripod and use a stabilizing rig. More information on hybrid […]

More Main Light Options for eCardPRO and Talking Portraits

More mainlight solutions for you to begin shooting Talking Portraits and eCardPRO business cards. I want to share with you how I adapted a standard Chimera soft box for use with an LED light panel mainlight.  

What Size of Studio LEDs Do You Need for Talking Portraitures?

Today I want to talk with you about LED panels and the production of Talking Portraits in the studio. Since I am transitioning into Hybrid Photography, I am perfecting my setup and procedures to shoot still imagery and video clips. These clips are captured in the same session and then combined to make products that clients can view on […]

Learning to Work With LEDs for Still and Moving Portraits

Working your way into Hybrid Photography with LED lights offers many advantages for the photographer. Lighting with continuous lights is intuitive with easier and faster set-ups. Catching an expression with continuous lighting instead of the big strobe pop makes a photo session feel much more relaxed for my clients (especially kids). This also ads a […]

The One Light Talking Portrait

The classic “One Light Portrait” technique offers some advantages for still photographers transitioning to Hybrid Photography. By eliminating the variables introduced by multiple light sources, the photographer can more easily control color and white balance. In this video I want to demonstrate what you need and how to go about making great studio portraits with […]

Welcoming Hybrid for Commercial Photo Success.

Speaking of welcoming, say hello to our newest vlogger, Mr. Joe Smithberger! – ed. As a starting point I am looking to duplicate and supplement the work I am doing now with Hybrid imaging tools. I already own a Canon DSLR outfit that is capable of amazing still and video images but I picked up […]

Can I use wireless flash triggers with mirrorless?
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Can I use wireless flash triggers with mirrorless?

Sure can! Will Crockett is an expert on wireless flash triggers and has done many projects with all the main wireless photo trigger manufacturers.  This video is a response to a viewers email (send your questions thru the ASK WILL box at the right side of discovermirrorless) about using studio strobes with a mirrorless camera.   […]

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