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My first gear video review ever- the Panasonic Leica 42.5mm F1.2 Lens for m43: Nikola Danaylov

My name is Nikola (aka Socrates) and this is my lens review of the Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42.5mm F1.2 Lens. Before we begin let me just tell you that I am not a professional photographer or videographer and this will not be a scientific review with resolution tests and charts. No. This will be a […]

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The Fujifilm X-E2, A Real Life Review By Will Crockett

Being one of the first photographers to shoot with the FujiFilm X-E2 last month.  I was commissioned by Fuji to take the new camera out and give it a good test run in New Orleans. This has given me plenty of time to really get a feel for this amazing camera and really come to […]

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What’s The Coaches New Favorite Multi Camera Strap?

Due to a physical condition I have, it can be really challenging to find a way to carry multiple cameras and accessories comfortably on long shoots.  I’ve been using this really cool strap from an American company, HoldFast Gear lately and it’s been fabulous.  Both Louie (my assistant) and I have been using the MoneyMaker […]

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Great shots with the LUMIX 100-300mm f4-5.6 MFT lens

After watching Crockett’s video about the Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm f4-5.6 G lens I decided to get another copy and try it again. Like Will, I had used this lens before and was not impressed with the image quality. I took the 100-300mm with me to Costa Rica last week and gave it a workout. Instead […]

Need An Audio Setup for Hybrid Photography?

I know there are a lot of options out there for hybrid photographers, like myself, to capture really good audio. Really, I know that there are a lot of options because I think I’ve researched pretty much all of them! I knew that my audio setup needed to have three things: 1) portable 2) simple […]

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A Real Life MeFoto Tripod Audition and Review

The new small, light, low cost “travel” tripods that fit inside your camera bag are made to ride along with you everywhere and spring to life when you need them for photo and video. MeFoto is leading the way with two models, each in a variety of bright fun colors with matching small ball heads […]

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Will Takes a Look at a Camera Mount with Hand Grip

Need to shoot low angle of high angle shots and have trouble keeping your camera steady? Will Crockett tests an adjustable camera mount with a no-slip hand grip that’s light, easy to use, super adjustable, and not too expensive.   Whether you need special shots of the kids or angle shots that are impossible to […]

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The Micro Four Thirds Camera Bag Challenge

After receiving my new Panasonic Lumix G5 last week I found myself in quite a dilemma. I did not have a bag that fit it. The current LowePro Edit 110 I was using for my GF3 was not big enough, and my other bags were too big. Watch as I continue my migration to mirrorless and […]

Carry Speed DS-SLIM Strap Review

If you’re a photographer, you have probably heard of Black Rapid Sling straps.  They aren’t the only ones that make sling straps though.  I want to tell you about the DS-SLIM sling strap by Carry Speed which was provided to me for review.  They have taken sling straps to a new level and have innovated […]

ISO Noise Comparison: Lumix GH3 and Canon 5D Mk2

Hey there it’s Marlene Hielema and in this blog post I’m going to be comparing the ISO of a half frame mirrorless camera to a full frame dSLR. I’m really fussy when it comes to sensor noise I’m doing this comparison because I’ve recently switched to using a Panasonic Lumix GH3 mirrorless camera in my […]

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