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My first gear video review ever- the Panasonic Leica 42.5mm F1.2 Lens for m43: Nikola Danaylov

My name is Nikola (aka Socrates) and this is my lens review of the Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42.5mm F1.2 Lens. Before we begin let me just tell you that I am not a professional photographer or videographer and this will not be a scientific review with resolution tests and charts. No. This will be a […]

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Q: Can You Adjust a Custom White Balance?

In this blog post, Joe Smithberger talks about fine tuning a Custom White Balance setting to render color Warmer or Cooler than it’s default, neutral rendering. Sometimes, for artistic reasons, we want an image or video clip to feel warmer or cooler than normal. In a Still Portrait or Talking Portrait sequence, it is usually […]

I sure do Love Sunshine – And the Light I’m In
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I sure do Love Sunshine – And the Light I’m In

All of the events I’ve shot lately have been under man-made lights. Gymnastics in a gym and the Wisconsin Water Ski Convention and Expo in a convention center. I do love natural light most… and do my very best to work with whatever conditions I’m in. Amount and color of the light are the devils […]

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Hybrid Photography Has Gone to the Dogs… Quite Literally

Hybrid Photography has gone to the dogs… and cats and birds, ferrits, bunnies, lizards…. WHAT???!!! Sometimes one’s journey gets “interrupted”. As I was enjoying the start of my hybrid career (and still am) shooting families, sports and professionals hybrid style I rescued a dog who was only hours from euthanasia. His name is Wrigley and […]

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Q: What Skills Do I need for Shooting Pro Hybrid Files?

Hybrid photography sells. We are selling the eCardPRO eProduct now, developing another eProduct for restaurants, and we project that 2/3 of our studio’s growth in 2014 will be in the form of hybrid eProducts while we also project another 11% decrease in printed photo sales.  Our studio and support team are all setup for shooting […]

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Help! GH3 or Fuji XE2 for B&W Hybrid Portrait Studio?

Together, Marc Hauser and I are planning to shoot a few thousand eCardPRO and SmartEcards for clients in 2014. To do that, they need to install the most efficient, effective hybrid tools on the planet. One of the tough choices is cameras. The Fuji X series cameras really do have the best image quality for […]

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How to get profitable 24×24 prints from a GH3′s sensor?

Our portrait workflow is SO smooth and ends with smiles all around. We shoot Lumix GH3 in square jpeg mode using the sweet pre-processing settings we have posted in numerous videos here. They zip over to the viewing station via USB cable then land over in the printing area where they turn into gorgeous 24×24 […]

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Q: What Hybrid Progress will we see in 2014?

2013 saw a lot of progress in the migration from a photo business that creates “still photos only” into a company that sells still images as well as hybrid photo+video+audio eProducts.  All the components are in place, now is the time to assemble them into one profitable, fun, way to work. Coach Crockett shares his […]

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Q: What’s Will’s “everyday” shoot setup for hybrid?

Thanks for all the great questions and comments on hybrid workflow from our super successful live streaming event.  Here’s a quick look at some of our typical hybrid studio setup solutions…Because we book traditional portrait photo sessions right next to hybrid sessions, we need our primary setup to be able to shoot stills as well […]

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Ask Will: Why Use the 16×9 format For Hybrid Photography

We received an Ask Coach Will question from Hybrid Shooter Bill White this week regarding why we are shooting in the 16×9 format for both still photos and video.   Hi Will, Could you explain to me why you would want to shoot 16:9 instead of 4:3?   I do find that putting my camera […]

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