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My first gear video review ever- the Panasonic Leica 42.5mm F1.2 Lens for m43: Nikola Danaylov

My name is Nikola (aka Socrates) and this is my lens review of the Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42.5mm F1.2 Lens. Before we begin let me just tell you that I am not a professional photographer or videographer and this will not be a scientific review with resolution tests and charts. No. This will be a […]

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What Does A Professional Photographer Take On A Road Trip

Being one of the Panasonic Luminaries and speaking at the many shows and classes for photography I am often on the road quite a lot.  So I thought I would share with you some of the items that I’m always bringing and what to bring to make your digital life a little bit easier.  Of […]

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Are Camera wifi Features Tools or Toys?

Camera makers that are hungry for sales are quick to show how easy their cameras will fit into your current ways of communicating.  We’re now seeing wifi functionality show up on high end cameras made for pros, but are they marketing hype or something useful?     I have been using the new WiFi functions […]

Q: Is the new $7000 Leica M240 Good for Hybrid Photography?

Hi Hybrid Photographers, I wanted to share my thoughts when I had the opportunity to shoot with the $7000 Leica M240 (the NEW Leica M) while visiting New Orleans for a big commercial shoot.   I can tell you, I wasn’t a big fan of the M8 or the M9 for several reasons, mostly because […]

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Q: How Easy Is The Manfrotto Monopod For Shooting Hybrid Photography?

Having photographed over 100K images and hundreds of video clips this summer using my Manfrotto Fluid Video Monopod, I didn’t leave home without it when we came to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for some R&R. Using the ocean and blue sky as a backdrop I show how the monopod works, what makes it special […]

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Q: Do You Need Video Stabilization?

I’ve learned to be a steady still shooter. And I know when I need stabilization for my stills and head for the tripod. For video there’s only one time I need stabilization help – ALWAYS! There are many options and one that I hadn’t used much in my “stills only” days has turned out to […]

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Q: How Can I Keep My Camera Stable When Shooting Video?

Have you tried shooting video and found that you ended up with video that’s just a bit too shaky? Stabilizing your camera is quite easy and, in this video, follow Robby D as he shows you two techniques for keeping your camera stable: use a tripod and use a stabilizing rig. More information on hybrid […]

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Tips to Find the Right Filters for your Mirrorless Lenses

I use a variable neutral density filter to control exposure when shooting video. I also use an ND filter if I want to use wider apertures or longer shutter speeds in bright light.  After seeing Marlene’s great post and video about using a variable neutral density filter, I thought I would give you some tips […]

Will Crockett Announces the New Line of HybridPRO Modifiers from Larson

One of the premium brands in professional light modifiers is Larson Enterprises. They are a small, Florida-based shop that produces some of the finest light modifiers and light shaping tools you can buy.   Recently, Larson called on me to help the Larson engineers in developing a series of soft boxes that can shape LED, […]

Photogenic Ion Inverter Review

Does it work well? How long does it last? Is it worth the $400?  Is it too complicated to use? As most of you already know, I have tested, even developed numerous products for major photo product makers.  As I move my own commercial photo biz from selling still images only into hybrid photo+video+audio images, […]

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