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Q: Can You Adjust a Custom White Balance?

In this blog post, Joe Smithberger talks about fine tuning a Custom White Balance setting to render color Warmer or Cooler than it’s default, neutral rendering. Sometimes, for artistic reasons, we want an image or video clip to feel warmer or cooler than normal. In a Still Portrait or Talking Portrait sequence, it is usually […]

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What are the Key Points to Getting Great Color from LED Portrait Lights?

At we get asked all the time for recommendations when it comes to purchasing LED lighting. These are the photographers who realize that migrating to Hybrid Photography means that their current strobe lighting will no longer be as functional in the studio as it once was. Many also make the mistake of purchasing low […]

I sure do Love Sunshine – And the Light I’m In
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I sure do Love Sunshine – And the Light I’m In

All of the events I’ve shot lately have been under man-made lights. Gymnastics in a gym and the Wisconsin Water Ski Convention and Expo in a convention center. I do love natural light most… and do my very best to work with whatever conditions I’m in. Amount and color of the light are the devils […]

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How Do You Know Which Gels to Use to Balance Mixed Lighting?

I’ve had a lot of e-mails through the LinkedIn group lately on how I balance my lighting to ambient lighting and other lights in my setup. Over the past 6 months I’ve learned a lot about continuous lighting sources and one thing that has become clear from the beginning is each brand and type of […]

Q: Why Pick LED Panels for Your Continuous Lights?

When I was trying to decide what types of continues lighting I would need in order to shoot Hybrid Photography, I ultimately found LED’s to be the perfect solution for my needs.  Here’s a few of the reasons why I went this route vs. some of the other options out there.     First they […]

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Creating Vintage Video in Lightroom

Getting video color right “in camera” save bundles of post processing time and sometimes our vision before a shoot is dead on. However, there will be times when changing a video in post production to black and white is necessary. But the good news is that creating black and white video from color is super […]

Eliminating Color Correction for Talking Portrait Video Files

Most photographers struggle with post-processing color correction on their video files that feature portrait style subjects.  Now that we are using video to make talking portraiture eProducts, it’s more important that ever to be able to reduce or eliminate video file corrections. No problem. As a commercial shooter that began an illustrious career shooting transparency […]

The Bride Has Her Dress and I Have – GEAR!

When I offered to let my sister sHero, Jessica Wallach, use my GH3 cameras and accessories for a wedding shoot, I realized that with the event being 6 hours away I had to bring everything that she might want. Then it occurred to me that you might be interested in what “everything” would look like. […]

Video Skin Retouching – Can It Really Be Done?

As a portrait shooter who is adding Motion Portraits to my product list (hybrid eProducts containing stills, audio and video) I was a bit dismayed by the difference in appearance between my retouched stills and my “raw” video. Finding and using Beauty Box Video answered that concern. I absolutely love this product and use it […]

Talking Portrait Lighting Using a SPLIT GEL FILL for Warm Skin Tone and Neutral White Shirts Too.

Talking Portraiture lighting for executives can be tricky, but the simple and powerful Split Gel Fill tip that I use keeps a white business shirt white and yet still leaves my signature “warm” skin tone look on the face. Does it mean some wacky post processing trick to the huge video files?  Some sort of […]

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