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New Hybrid101 Episode: AUDIO for Photographers

Join us Thursday March 27 at 7:30pm CT for a free live stream of this 45 minute program as it is recorded for Hybrid Heroes RobbyD and Will Crockett share the options and solutions in recording sync speech in their “Talking Portrait” client shoots using on-camera, off-camera audio back into the camera as well […]

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Our First Profitable eProduct Goes Mainstream

Our HauserTown makeover continues as we are making a profitable transition to offering eCardpro to our business clients.  We are finding that this product is especially attractive to those in sales and we are focusing currently on a particular group of real estate agents in our local area.  It makes sense.  These folks already possess the ability […]

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What Do I Use For Recording Audio With Fuji Gear

There has been discussion on the LinkedIn forum on what to use to record audio. Being a Fuji X-M1 shooter and not having the ability to use an attached mic I record audio separately when creating a hybrid photo. I use a Zoom H1 and Audio-Technica ATR3350 Lav to record audio. I later sync the […]

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Which Microphone Do I Choose For The GH3? Shotgun Vs. Lav

Thankfully I have quite a bit of experience with Audio already, but it has still been a rocky road trying to figure out which microphone tools would be the best for Hybrid Photography. Over the past couple of months I have been shooting with the Panasonic Lumix GH3 and the Shotgun microphone, which is made […]

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Q: How Do I Remove Audio Noise and Hiss From Videos in Post?

Audio is important, right? Weak audio, especially vocals, can really detract from an otherwise strong video. One of the most common offenders in audio clarity is noise, and I want to show you how to get rid of Noise by using audio editing techniques. There are any number of reasons you may still get some hiss […]

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Q: Who is Your Audience for Your eProduct?

First you need to know what kind of eProduct you are offering your client, once you know that you need to define your audience. Is it one particular person or is it group of people?  When I do my Proud Parent eProducts the video is designed for a child to play on a device that […]

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Q: What’s the Best Mic for Hybrid? You Choose!

We give you a few samples of what different mics sound like and at different distances. Starting with the in camera mic, directional shotgun, a hard wired lav, and a wireless lav.For this video we used the Lumix GH3 to record the video and audio. Microphones used were compared , the camera mic, Panasonic Directional, […]

Q: How can I get better Audio for my DSLR and Mirrorless camera video clips?

Here is a tip for better Audio with Mirrorless Cameras and DSLRs shooting video. I am not an audio expert by any means but, since most of my posts have been on lighting, I wanted to talk a little about audio. By adding a six or eight foot headphone extension cord (mini plug to mini plug) […]

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How To Sync External Audio With Video

I received a great question here on Discovermirrorless after my last video about the setup I am using to record external audio for my videos. Kent asked how I actually sync the video along with the audio track. I wrote an explanation but, let’s face it, we’re photographers and we learn far better with a more […]

Need An Audio Setup for Hybrid Photography?

I know there are a lot of options out there for hybrid photographers, like myself, to capture really good audio. Really, I know that there are a lot of options because I think I’ve researched pretty much all of them! I knew that my audio setup needed to have three things: 1) portable 2) simple […]

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