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After 20+ years in a computer tech job, Carol Schlintz is enjoying a second and more fulfilling career as a portrait and sports photographer in suburban Milwaukee. Like many of us, she has met with some personal challenges and is in need of reducing the physical strain from carrying heavy pro cameras and lenses around. Not one to take "no" for an answer, she jumped in with both feet and no safety net.

As of April 2012 Carol has retired her big DSLR's and picked up a couple of small, light mirrorless cameras and is now using them on every shoot. Vlogging here on discovermirrorless, as well as sharing and swapping ideas with the other Hybrid Heroes (and the viewers!) is part of her process of evolving from a still photo only photographer into a photo+video+audio hybrid image maker. Count on Carol to share what works, what doesn't, and all the steps in becoming Milwaukees first hybrid photography studio that specializes in making and selling eProducts.

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What is the Best Lens Choice for Portraits of Dogs?

Here’s another Tails In Motion portrait of a rescue dog.   My lens choice was the Lumix 7-14. Pretty wide… My concern was that the 7-14 lens while being great for the up close stills of the dog was not as good for the video where I would have preferred at least the 12-35 or […]

I sure do Love Sunshine – And the Light I’m In
By March 2, 2014 Read More →

I sure do Love Sunshine – And the Light I’m In

All of the events I’ve shot lately have been under man-made lights. Gymnastics in a gym and the Wisconsin Water Ski Convention and Expo in a convention center. I do love natural light most… and do my very best to work with whatever conditions I’m in. Amount and color of the light are the devils […]

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Hybrid Photography Has Gone to the Dogs… Quite Literally

Hybrid Photography has gone to the dogs… and cats and birds, ferrits, bunnies, lizards…. WHAT???!!! Sometimes one’s journey gets “interrupted”. As I was enjoying the start of my hybrid career (and still am) shooting families, sports and professionals hybrid style I rescued a dog who was only hours from euthanasia. His name is Wrigley and […]

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Q: How Easy Is The Manfrotto Monopod For Shooting Hybrid Photography?

Having photographed over 100K images and hundreds of video clips this summer using my Manfrotto Fluid Video Monopod, I didn’t leave home without it when we came to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for some R&R. Using the ocean and blue sky as a backdrop I show how the monopod works, what makes it special […]

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Day Tripping Hybrid Style

This video is less about the awesome day I had traveling and more about the streamlined workflow that I used to make it: 1. Shoot still images and video (go nuts) I used Lumix GH3 and LX7 and iPhone 5 2. Load all into Lightroom 3. Mark the ones that I want to use red […]

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Q: Do You Need Video Stabilization?

I’ve learned to be a steady still shooter. And I know when I need stabilization for my stills and head for the tripod. For video there’s only one time I need stabilization help – ALWAYS! There are many options and one that I hadn’t used much in my “stills only” days has turned out to […]

Q: Can shooting with other pros help me with my own style?

I volunteered to be an assistant for a sister Hybrid Shero at her sister’s wedding. I thought I’d learn some techniques and tips that I could use in my own shooting. Little did I expect to learn so much about my own style and what makes me the photographer that I am (and am not) […]

Mild AGE (Absent Gear Embarrassment) Syndrome

A pro plans…planning avoids AGE, and I’m all about AGE avoidance. Here’s a story about how I “messed up” and what I needed to do to have all my gear at my shoot.

Shooting Video – Is It Hard or Easy?

A little philosophy from my point of view on the learning curve for adding Video to your photography to become a hybrid photographer. Hard or easy? I say the learning curve is steep and that you can master it!

Videophobia? 5 Tips to Overcome Your Fears

When I started my Hybrid Photography practice, I admit that I was afraid. It wasn’t so much about getting bad video (that came later, lol) but of missing “the shot”. I have 5 tips to share with you on overcoming the fear. There are many more, but these 5 should get you started.

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