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A Visit with Larson Enterprise

Larson Enterprise is the maker of the softboxes that I  have used for over 20 years (actually closer to 30) and still uses the same ones today! We have been working with Jen Snow, owner, on designing a way to retrofit continuous lighting in existing softboxes as well as offer them in new ones. Making […]

Mirrorless Wedding? Yep!

This is my very first wedding with a mirrorless camera. But this was not just any first mirrorless wedding…this was my sister’s wedding so everything had to be perfect. Not having all of the equipment that I would like to have for the shoot, Hybrid Hero Carol Schlintz came to my rescue and not only […]

eProduct Sample for Tuner Car Dudes

CrockettCo intern Louie Malagon nailed this awesome eProduct for a new client over the weekend here in Chicago. Shot on Lumix G5.  Nice job kid!~

Eliminating Color Correction for Talking Portrait Video Files

Most photographers struggle with post-processing color correction on their video files that feature portrait style subjects.  Now that we are using video to make talking portraiture eProducts, it’s more important that ever to be able to reduce or eliminate video file corrections. No problem. As a commercial shooter that began an illustrious career shooting transparency […]

What Size of Studio LEDs Do You Need for Talking Portraitures?

Today I want to talk with you about LED panels and the production of Talking Portraits in the studio. Since I am transitioning into Hybrid Photography, I am perfecting my setup and procedures to shoot still imagery and video clips. These clips are captured in the same session and then combined to make products that clients can view on […]

Making a LED light from the CFL bulbs for Talking Portraitures

I wanted to give you an update on a little experiment that we are doing here at Crockett studios. We are creating our own CFL light for Talking Portraitures. It is a work-in-progress of the home-made LED light using the CFL bulbs that Suzette and Jon had recommended to me (only $9 bucks each). Pretty […]

The Bride Has Her Dress and I Have – GEAR!

When I offered to let my sister sHero, Jessica Wallach, use my GH3 cameras and accessories for a wedding shoot, I realized that with the event being 6 hours away I had to bring everything that she might want. Then it occurred to me that you might be interested in what “everything” would look like. […]

What’s the Most Important Element of Hybrid Photography?

Interested in moving your photography business into the era of hybrid imaging as painlessly and as profitably as possible? Us too!  I am in direct contact with hundreds of photographers that are adding photo+video+audio eProducts to their sales invoices and shares the single most important part of your hybrid photography and Talking Portraiture business. […]

Keys to Good Hybrid Photography – Part 1 Exposure

If you shoot hybrid eProducts there are some camera settings you need to get right in order to get good, useable video and stills. The added benefit is that you don’t need to spend time editing. In this video series I’m going to be covering these key things starting with exposure. The key to good […]

The Big Reveal: What Mirrorless System Did I Choose?

I am a Portrait & Wedding photographer and wanted to choose a mirrorless system for my pro work, but what system was right for me? Size, weight, lenses, price, quality and sharpness were all requirements that HAD to meet MY standards before I would change to a mirrorless sytem. So…now the big reveal! Drum roll […]

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