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Hybrid Training: Putting It All Together

This is my first attempt at making a Hybrid Video project. I used a minimal about of equipment so I could concentrate on the video and still photography. The stills were shot using a Lumix GH3 either in the Program or Aperture priority mode. The video was all shot in the program mode so I […]

MUST WATCH! Special Sneak Preview of Will Crockett’s Latest Video – The ABCs of LEDs

“If you’re not already using LEDs, you will be…” Looking to add an LED or two to your portrait lighting kit? Want to see the best way to get the best possible color from any LED?  Thinking about shooting TALKING portraits? Does the LED you have only give you so-so color?  Fixing color problems in your video […]

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Help us develop the eCardPRO to replace the printed business card?

Printed business cards are a staple of commerce worldwide, yep most business people communicate electronically.  We want to use the wonderful autoediting technology that combines photos+video+audio+graphics for us to make one perfectly edited video file that we photographers shoot, upload, then the system delivers the eProduct – and an additional sales message.  THAT’s the upshot […]

ProShow Producer: Changing the Pacing of Your Video by Changing the Timing of the Slides

ProShow Web and other online video creation services makes creating eproducts easy.  You choose a theme, upload photos and video clips, and choose your music.  The program does all the work for you.  However, sometimes you want to refine the eproduct. ProShow Producer is a great solution.  This vblog discussing pacing of a video and […]

How Accurate Are Your Camera’s Color Settings?

Looking to dial in the highest quality color possible from your camera?  Great, we are too. When you set your adjustable K white balance to a specific color, is the camera really able to meet that color or is it “off”.   I am a resident color tech and have been working with patches and […]

Introduction to ProShow Producer

Carol Schlintz interviewed me, Jessica Wallach, about why I choose to produce my videos in ProShow Producer. The answer is easy…control. I can control the time of each slide and the transitions, It allows you to combine text and images together in one slide and you can control the volume of your soundtrack and for […]

Hybrid Photographer Marketing Piece for Gathering New Commercial Clients.

Will Crockett is changing how he markets his own services to his clients.  Now that Will is finally comfy with offering clients a blend of photo+video+audio hybrid creation services, he’s rebranding and rebuilding his client website to move into this new direction.  He sees “New Media” as the growth zone for commercial shooters and this […]

Custom White Balance Failed Me or Did It?

Watch the video and read below to learn about a color temperature problem I had at a roller derby event that I recently photographed at the Olympic Oval in Calgary, Canada. Let me set the stage Camera: Lumix GH3 with 12-35mm f2.8 lens I took an in-camera custom WB using a shutter speed of 1/60s (i.e. […]

Do eProduct Customers Miss the Touch and Feel of a ” Photo Product”?

In this Crockettville vlog post, I wanted to share with you about a recent request from a customer to deliver the eProduct on DVD.  I thought is was an unusual request, so I gently asked the client about the DVD and got an enlightening answer.

Springtime Means Engagement Pictures
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Springtime Means Engagement Pictures

Spring is in the air and so is LOVE. Hopefully by now your phone is ringing about engagement sessions. I know it’s that time for us. It’s a whole new year and the next generation is looking for something different or are they? I would love to tell you that romance has changed, or the […]

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