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Happiness With Mirrorless

Happiness With Mirrorless

I would like to share with you my happiness using my Lumix GF3, an amazing mirrorless camera.  I am using two lenses with this camera, a prime 14 mm f2.5 wide-angle and a 14-42mm f-3.5-5.6, that I got just a couple of months ago.  So all images in this post were taken with the 14mm […]

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Hybrid Questions & Answers: From DSLR to Mirrorless – When? Now?

Bob from Naperville, Illinois writes in to “Ask Will” and says that he wants to get into Hybrid Photography. He asks about what camera to choose and is curious about timing. Is hybrid photography ready for him now or should he hold off for a while? Both Will and Bob are Nikon users and know […]

Hybrid Photography: A Hybrid eProduct for Team Photos

Could This Be the New Face of the Old “Team” Photo? For the last 7 years I’ve photographed our high school’s downhill ski race team for the yearbook. It’s fun and the athletes are high energy. I’ve always wanted to capture their spirit and the still image only came close. This year I did it […]

Bokeh with Small Sensor Cameras

People love to get fast glass and full frame sensors because the bokeh is so good. And they think you can’t get bokeh from small sensor cameras. But in this video I show you that you can! First let me define bokeh for you Bokeh is the Japanese word for blur. It’s that simple. But, […]

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Hybrid Questions & Answers: Shooting Sports Action with Mirrorless?

Here is one of the areas where I am not super comfortable with mirrorless cameras. This is just my opinion and not fact. Remember it is only my opinion. If you are wanting to shoot fast pitch, and you are wanting to stop action, and you need a long lens to get there, nothing beats […]

SWPP London Photo Shoot Experience
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SWPP London Photo Shoot Experience

I recently just got back from doing five days in London England. I was part of the SWPP Convention, which produced almost 14,000 hungry-to-learn photographers. The convention was extensive, having over 150 speakers from all over the world and a magnificent trade show which was buzzing for three days strait. I was scheduled for three […]

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Hybrid Questions & Answers: Recording Audio for DSLR and Mirrorless

This question comes from our viewer Billy, ” What is your opinion on using the GH3 with a preamp (JuicedLink/Beachtek) and shotgun like the NTG-2 or AT875R?”. There are several choices here. First, you need to decide if you are going to use the built-in mic on the camera, which for most of us, will […]

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Hybrid Photography: New Christmas eCard from Suzette Allen!

Just getting around to sharing some of the eCards we’ve made. This has been a learning process. Still using Photoshop CS6 to edit the videos, yeah, not the most efficient, but it does allow me to be as creative as possible. We will create a ProShow template of this one for sure! So cute with […]

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Improve Your Autofocus (AF) for Video

As I move towards hybrid photography, one of the features that I am seeing is that autofocus (AF) now works with video…and how am I going to take advantage of this much needed improvement in my photography? If you are a wedding or an event photographer, you are really going to use need this AF […]

Customize Your Camera for Hybrid Photography

Customizing your camera for hybrid photography means you’re able to move between stills and video with ease. Regardless if you’re using your cameras EVF or touch screen having your camera customized for hybrid means you’l be able to – Shoot quick Shoot well Have fun Check out the video to see how I used the […]

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